“There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.”. If Aldous Huxley’s words resonate with you, it means you’ve already begun the journey towards an improved self.

But what if you’re so involved with this process that you end up making self-improvement mistakes?

Enthusiasm and dedication are crucial when actively striving for change. However, you have to learn how to find the right balance and use that to your advantage.

1. Too Much Excitement

You are committed – and really prepared to take on that ambitious personal development program.

self-improvement mistakes 2

Yet this is what could set you up for disappointment.

Not convinced? I’ll give you a fact. Most of your fellow change-driven individuals start out great. They set one hundred big goals because they feel regular goals are not enough.

However, they find themselves not able to cope with each goal. So, what follows? They start feeling overwhelmed.

One tip is to focus more on discipline than motivation. Set small objectives that you’re sure you’re going to meet. This way, you’re more likely to create solid habits that will result in a long-lasting and sustainable effort.

Once you’ve got them ingrained in your lifestyle, you can proceed to add extra elements.

2. Being Obsessed with Results

When results start to show, it’s only natural to celebrate. The hard work has paid off, you’ve shown immense power to battle your old ways.

But as soon as this happens, you need to avoid another one of the self-improvement mistakes – result hunting.

This happens as we tend to get greedy for more while neglecting a simple truth: No process is ever-growing.

How do you tackle these normal occurrences? There’s only one solution, really: Refuse to quit and embrace the journey.

3. Overestimating Willpower: One of Many Self-Improvement Mistakes

Each time you approach a personal development plan, you mainly rely on one resource- willpower.

That’s a good start, but shouldn’t be the only force behind our efforts.

You know, the tricky thing here is that we are a bit too confident in our self-control qualities. And so, when we have an understandable weaker time, we are surprised by how defeated we feel.

We expect the “Try harder” mantra to work like a charm.

When, in fact, it’s only about letting our emotional side take over from time to time. And understand that context is sometimes more powerful than grit.

4. Digging for Every Bit of Information

Most of the time, we imagine we can implement changes only if we look for the “proper” set of information.

Planning on eating healthy? Get on all those lifestyle forums and blogs.

Need to become more efficient? Skim through every online article about tips for improving efficiency.

And so on.

The truth is the above-mentioned impulses only result in you losing time. The focus should be on mastering how to balance emotional inclinations and self-control.

self-improvement mistakes

Pace yourself the right way, accept it, and set your own rhythm.

Self-improvement is not a magic formula that you can implement overnight. You’ll encounter ups and downs, you’ll learn from mistakes, and you’ll rise above.

To avoid self-improvement mistakes in the future, consider coming back to my blog.

Alexandra Nicola

COO at Squirrly
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