After a previous post on this blog, you might be left thinking ‘badass’ is a synonym for ‘douchebag’. No, you’d be wrong. To define a badass, you could look in a dictionary but there’s a chance the solution won’t satisfy you.

To take things up a notch, depending on your job or skills, ‘badass’ could mean something entirely different. In fact, it all depends on your daily experiences and the people surrounding you.

Nevertheless, if you’re trying to figure out whether you’re a badass or not, the following lines will give you a better understanding of the term.

#1 You Practice What You Preach

Yes, keeping your word does define a badass.

Saying what you mean and doing what you say, gains you respect. And a badass’s word has the same legal value as a contract.

It may be due to confidence – as most badasses say yes and then figure out a way to fulfil their promise. Every problem has a solution and they will find it.

Actions define a badass, not just words.

define a badass

#2 You Never Give Up

No matter how fierce the battle, a badass will never give up. Their perseverance and trust in their own skills and strengths often turn a badass into an expert.

Even Malcolm Gladwell has a way to define a badass in his book – Outliers. It takes 10.000 hours of practicing what you’re good at and what you like to become an expert.

You can imagine not everyone has the strength to achieve that – doing the same thing for 10.000 hours without giving up.

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#3 You Speak Up Your Mind

Badass people never sugarcoat something they consider to be true. They see no point in doing so and often feel it would be a waste of time.

Granted, this can sometimes backfire and draw in some hate – especially from co-workers. But if what you’re saying is the naked truth, there is no motive to keep it for yourself. Whoever wants to listen to you will thank you sooner or later.

Also, a badass will never feel an obligation of explaining his beliefs, values, and convictions with anyone.

#4 You Live by Your Own Code

Badasses have no need to act like somebody else just to be cool. They live by their own code which contains a unique set of values, morals and views.

Riding a Harley dressed up in leather doesn’t necessarily make you a badass.  Breaking stuff – or the law – to look tough certainly doesn’t mean you’re a badass.

Do you see Jeff Bezos of Amazon doing that? No. Yet, he is a badass person and a badass CEO!

#5 You Have All Around Respect

When you’re a badass, people around you will respect your decisions. That will lead to respecting you as a person. However, it doesn’t mean you get to treat them as less than you are.

Instead, badass people have the same respect for others who respect them. Actually, ‘badass’ is the opposite of ‘douchebag’.

Urban Dictionary defines a badass as “a person who is the best of the best at what they do professionally and/or personally.”

define a badass

How Do You Define a Badass?

There are many other traits that make someone a badass or a douche. The five mentioned above are maybe the most important or appreciated ones. Do you have them?

I’d love to learn what do you think defines a badass, if you know such a person or if you think you’re a badass. Let me know in the comments section below.

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Alexandra Nicola

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