Discover How 10 Successful iPhone App Entrepreneurs Hit It Big Outsourcing The Developent Of Their Apps

If you’re interested in mobile app development, entrepreneurship or even just how to fully outsource the development of an iPhone application, then this book will give you a realistic look into what it takes to become a success.

My Friend Shane Lee over at wrote the book. He even asked for a quote from to use in his marketing materials.

“This book is a must-read if you do or ever want to do any outsourcing. There are lessons in this book that could save a lot of headaches when outsourcing and managing virtual workers.” – Rob McCrady, Developer of Infinity Control and WordFlu

I especially like the Outsourcing Hacks for app development at the end. There are so many tips in this book, if your outsoucing without reading this book, your doing it wrong.

The book features interviews with developers who have outsourced most, if not all of the development and design of their iOS apps. In an increasingly tough environment for selling mobile apps, they reveal the methods to their success in outsourcing their apps despite thinner margins.

Also check out his other book The AppStore Playbook

Their both 30% off for the launch of AppSource

Rob McCrady

In 2007 I got bit by a mosquito and got west Nile virus. Then it became an autoimmune disease that left me in a wheelchair. They were able to stop the autoimmune disease and virus, so now all I have to worry about is physio. I'm getting better and soon I will rule the world.