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Author: Alexandra Nicola

What It Takes for Badass People to Overcome Adversity

There are some things in life beyond our control. It’s no rule governing our existence but even the most badass of us will need – at a certain point – to overcome adversity. Terrible things may happen to anyone, even if we’re positive and helpful. However, there is one important thing we can constantly control: our attitude. While some choose to lament and take a nihilistic approach in the face of trouble, badass people tend to do the opposite. And it often turns out to be the right way of dealing with a certain issue. No matter how big it...

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5 Traits That Define A Badass – Do You Have Them?

After a previous post on this blog, you might be left thinking ‘badass’ is a synonym for ‘douchebag’. No, you’d be wrong. To define a badass, you could look in a dictionary but there’s a chance the solution won’t satisfy you. To take things up a notch, depending on your job or skills, ‘badass’ could mean something entirely different. In fact, it all depends on your daily experiences and the people surrounding you. Nevertheless, if you’re trying to figure out whether you’re a badass or not, the following lines will give you a better understanding of the term. #1...

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How Being a Badass Will Make You Successful

Often, life is all about fighting to succeed. And success takes a certain mix of qualities, one of which is being a badass. You may find it hard to believe but that’s how it goes. Being built to endure what this world throws at you makes you a badass. But it’s one thing to be able to take a hit and a whole different story knowing how to fight back. It takes courage and serious balls. But sooner rather than later, it will lead to your success. Here’s how it goes. Being a Badass Means Not Giving a Fuck...

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What Does It Really Mean to Be a Badass

You’ve probably used the term “badass” plenty of times in different contexts, without thinking too much about its meaning. I know that some of you may still be confused about what a badass actually means. That’s why I decided to write this article where I’m going to breakdown its definition. Do you want to be a badass? Then continue reading this article to find out what it implies. The Definition of Being a Badass By simply googling the term “badass”, you will receive right away a lot of search results from online dictionaries. I looked over a few of...

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4 Self-Improvement Mistakes You Need to Steer Clear of

“There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.”. If Aldous Huxley’s words resonate with you, it means you’ve already begun the journey towards an improved self. But what if you’re so involved with this process that you end up making self-improvement mistakes? Enthusiasm and dedication are crucial when actively striving for change. However, you have to learn how to find the right balance and use that to your advantage. 1. Too Much Excitement You are committed – and really prepared to take on that ambitious personal development program. Yet this is...

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