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Author: Rob McCrady

The Very Personal Story of Why I Created the Renegade Citizen Workout Clothes

I’m not a fashion guru or a schooled workout clothes designer. There’s no big marketing team behind this brand and I’m not a polished salesperson. But I have a story to tell which I think can help others. And I also have a genuine belief in the extraordinary power which comes from inspiring one another to meet our full potential in life. The Renegade Citizen brand and the workout clothes I design are my way of sharing my story with the world and hopefully motivating others. But let’s start with the beginning. The Struggle Will Make You Stronger It’s not just a...

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The Renegade Method

I explain the method I used for Infinity Control. And the thought process I had to come up with in order to generate these solutions. These exact tactics might not work for you but it’s a matter of testing out even crazy ideas, as wild as it may seem.

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App Marketer Magazine

checkout my article I wrote for App Maker Magazine. It’s a pretty good article on ASO (App Store Optimization). I’ll give you a few tricks that you wont hear any where else and I talk about some of the mistakes I made with my First app.

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TapforTap Interview

Here’s an interview I did with Eric Dyck the CEO of TapforTap The Free app marketing exchange service. (this is a service I will be using in my games and I think has a bright future). I don’t really like listening to my self talk, but we talk about some good marketing tips on app marketing and how I run my business. If you have any questions, I can expand or clarify what we were talking about in the comments.

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