The Very Personal Story of Why I Created the Renegade Citizen Workout Clothes

Rob McCrady

In 2007 I got bit by a mosquito and got west Nile virus. Then it became an autoimmune disease that left me in a wheelchair. They were able to stop the autoimmune disease and virus, so now all I have to worry about is physio. I'm getting better and soon I will rule the world.
I’m not a fashion guru or a schooled workout clothes designer. There’s no big marketing team behind this brand and I’m not a polished salesperson. But I have a story to tell which I think can help others. And I also have a genuine belief in the extraordinary power which comes from inspiring one another to meet our full potential in life. The Renegade Citizen brand and the workout clothes I design are my way of sharing my story with the world and hopefully motivating others. But let’s start with the beginning. The Struggle Will Make You Stronger It’s not just a...

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