I thought I would describe how difficult working on a computer is for my condition. Like I said before I have hyper-sensitive hands. Imagine the pain you feel from an open wound now imagine that wound covering your entire hand.

Ya its not fun, I don’t want to touch anything let alone a computer keyboard. So to develop my game I outsourced the art, sound and programming and did all of my designing through email and skype on the smooth touchscreen of the iPad. For things I wasn’t able to do on the iPad like Xcode or Photoshop I had to use my laptop. For times I had no choice but to use my laptop I just had to grin and bare the pain, (I could only use it for an hour or two at a time).

But if I didn’t push myself I never would of created anything.

I also have double vision. So that makes reading difficult. I close one eye to read because only seeing out of one eye makes it single vision. Consequently when I look at someone I look like I’m winking at them. I also cannot see 3D images. My double vision is caused from the damage in the part of the brain responsible for my eye movement, so my eyes don’t lne the two images up. special glasses with prisms don’t work (I’ve tried)

But despite all of my challenges, I still push myself to create things. I know you’ll love what I create. Stay tuned to what I have planned.

Rob McCrady

In 2007 I got bit by a mosquito and got west Nile virus. Then it became an autoimmune disease that left me in a wheelchair. They were able to stop the autoimmune disease and virus, so now all I have to worry about is physio. I'm getting better and soon I will rule the world.