I’m not a fashion guru or a schooled workout clothes designer. There’s no big marketing team behind this brand and I’m not a polished salesperson.

But I have a story to tell which I think can help others.

And I also have a genuine belief in the extraordinary power which comes from inspiring one another to meet our full potential in life.

workout clothes

The Renegade Citizen brand and the workout clothes I design are my way of sharing my story with the world and hopefully motivating others.

But let’s start with the beginning.

The Struggle Will Make You Stronger

It’s not just a message written on some of the T-shirts in my collection. It’s a lesson which changed my life.

Let’s turn back the clock of time to 2007.

That’s when I was bitten by a mosquito and got the West Nile virus. Then, the virus triggered an autoimmune disease which left me in a wheelchair.

Speaking difficulties and limb pain started preventing me from typing too much, which definitely didn’t help my career and ability to work in an office.

As you can imagine, it wasn’t a whole lot of fun for me.

For a while, I felt like I’ve started to lose myself in a pit of depression and self-pitying, looking for an explanation for why I was experiencing these struggles. But then I realized I was focusing on the wrong things.

What I needed to focus on was a way to move forward.

I owed myself a chance to live. Truly live.

I didn’t die. And there was no option to go back to how I was before 2007. I could only move forward. And so I did. I decided that giving up is a path which leads nowhere.

So, I started to enjoy the grind, embrace the hardship and seize the everyday fight.

I realized the struggle is what makes you stronger.  After all, the strongest swords are forged in the hottest fire.

And I saw how much more life there was to live.

In this process, I found a sense of purpose. I found new determination for moving past that negative state I was confining myself to.

There was no way I was going to miss another second of my life. There was no way I was giving up another day in which I could work towards becoming the best possible version of myself.

I started designing cool T-shirts to motivate myself and keep myself in that winning, go-get-it mentality. I began wearing the T-shirts more and more because I loved how I felt in them: like I was winning.

They almost became like a uniform and I felt like a soldier wearing them, fighting for something greater than himself.

And the next thing I know people are asking me if they can buy them.

Never Give up

Now that you know more about my story, you begin to understand what the Renegadecitizen workout clothes are all about.

In all fairness, I didn’t start making these T-shirts with the goal to make money.

It was to make progress in my own life. My workout gear is a symbol. It’s something tangible to represent that Never give up mentality I want to channel every single day of my life.

It’s been a long road getting here. One full of important milestones and moments I’ll always remember.

And there is still a long road ahead.

Doctors were able to stop the autoimmune disease and the virus. So now all I have to worry about is physical therapy. I’m currently working with a new physiotherapist, which gets me excited. (Check out my Instagram if you’re curious to see how that’s going.)

The message written on my workout clothes continue to motivate me.

I’m getting better and my goal now is to walk and be as independent as possible. And you know what? I’m working hard to get to where I want to go and that constant challenge is showing me what incredible potential is inside.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is: Don’t underestimate how much you are capable of achieving.

You are alive and you can do extraordinary things.

Any day is a new opportunity to be a badass, to surpass yourself, whether we’re talking about working out and improving your fitness or anything else.

But you need to put in the work and stay persistent.

Even when it gets tough. Especially when it gets tough.

These Are More than just Cool Workout Clothes; They Are a State of Mind

What I’ve learned is that change is constant in our lives. Anything can happen to anyone, anytime. Challenges, though, they don’t have to derail your life.

The thought I put into creating the clothes in the Renegade Citizen collection is one of triumph in the face of adversity.

Many of the messages on my t-shirts embody those critical aha-moments that cropped up in my mind.

When you wear my workout clothes, you stand for something which is far greater than a piece of fabric. You stand behind the message written on the T-shirt – and my personal experiences which helped shape it.

You embody that message of strength, endurance and self-improvement. There’s great power in that.

workout clothes

Clothes are only clothes, but when they have a meaning which goes beyond aesthetics, they can make you feel unstoppable. And that’s what I’m most proud of when it comes to the Renegade Citizen collection.

Making people who wear them feel a certain way – a way that I know I want to feel.

  • Ready to give it 100%. Commitment builds progress and action brings results. Complaining and bitching about a situation all day won’t help you move an inch.
  • Totally in charge. You are your own boss; you are the maker of your own reality.
  • Empowered.  I want you to feel like a warrior, ready to crush any obstacle which comes your way.
  • Ready to prove your doubters wrong and use other’s doubt about yourself to fuel your motivation.

Those are a lot of words, I know. I guess I’m a bit of a chatterbox.

In all fairness, I could have only used one word: badass.

Yes, I want you to feel like a badass wearing these T-shirts. Because you are one. The potential for self-improvement is there – and it’s massive.

So, come on, raise your fist up; stand up tall.

You got this.

Rob McCrady

In 2007 I got bit by a mosquito and got west Nile virus. Then it became an autoimmune disease that left me in a wheelchair. They were able to stop the autoimmune disease and virus, so now all I have to worry about is physio. I'm getting better and soon I will rule the world.