You’ve probably used the term “badass” plenty of times in different contexts, without thinking too much about its meaning.

I know that some of you may still be confused about what a badass actually means. That’s why I decided to write this article where I’m going to breakdown its definition.

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The Definition of Being a Badass

By simply googling the term “badass”, you will receive right away a lot of search results from online dictionaries.

I looked over a few of these websites to see whether I can find something in common as far as definition goes. And I did.

be a badass

Badass is a slang word, and it’s mainly used in the popular culture.

I found that it has both negative and positive connotations. The positive meaning describes a badass as a person who has an impressive set of skills, who is admirable. And to quote Urban Dictionary, a badass is an “ultra-cool motherfucker”.

The negative meaning refers to a badass as someone who can cause trouble, who is aggressive, and even frightening.

In my opinion, there’s a better word that describes the negative connotation. Right now, I just wanted to point out the different definitions that you can find online.

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Be a Badass – What Does It Mean?

Here’s the thing. Pop culture managed somehow to alter the actual meaning of being a badass.

At first glance, people seem to think that a badass is someone who:

  • Has tattoos
  • Spends a lot of time at the gym
  • Sees himself cooler than he actually is
  • Is defined as being arrogant and selfish

In reality, all of that is wrong.

be a badass

Being a badass is the opposite of all the things that pop culture says it is. 

More precisely, to be a badass means to be responsible, courageous, righteous, selfless and humble. These people are willing to do dirty jobs when others run away from this responsibility.

A badass doesn’t complain when a job is too difficult and just does it without asking any questions. He is someone who stands up for others; he wants to tell the truth and he is not afraid to identify the liars and the cheaters.

Self-proclaimed badasses are actually not who they say they are. In fact, if you take a close look around after reading this article, you’ll notice something. The real badasses out there are the people who you’d think are not.

I’m talking about authentic people, who are all about putting others’ needs above theirs. I’m pretty sure that a few names popped into your head just now. Those are the real badasses, so let’s stop the bullshit.

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