There are some things in life beyond our control. It’s no rule governing our existence but even the most badass of us will need – at a certain point – to overcome adversity.

Terrible things may happen to anyone, even if we’re positive and helpful. However, there is one important thing we can constantly control: our attitude.

While some choose to lament and take a nihilistic approach in the face of trouble, badass people tend to do the opposite. And it often turns out to be the right way of dealing with a certain issue. No matter how big it might seem at the time.

If you’re wondering how is this possible, you’ll need to keep reading.

Overcome Adversity with Enthusiasm

Ok, maybe not that type of childish enthusiasm that loses its charm once we grow up. However, a certain dose of enthusiasm is shown even by badass people.

Why does it help? It’s contagious!

overcome adversity

Badass people know they need to trust in their idea, otherwise nobody will. So, to inspire the same trust, they show a beautiful kind of enthusiasm.

The result? Other people transition to the same badass mood.

Determination and Perseverance

Perseverance and determination are deeply coded into a badass’s DNA. Not only it helps them overcome adversity, but also makes them who they are.

These traits keep badass people focused not on the problem, but on finding the right solution for that problem.

Never giving up is one of the codes badass people live by. They are able to inspire the same attitude to people around them and get in return valuable respect.

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Once a badass person gets going, there’s nothing that can put an end to that momentum. You don’t wait to reply to that email, you just do it.

It may not be quite a trait that helps badass people overcome adversity, but it sure helps to a certain extent. Especially nowadays, when everything happens on the run.

Momentum is also a great way to achieve success. By constantly pushing towards achieving certain goals surely takes you one step closer.


If you’re a badass, you’ll constantly search for new and innovative ways of solving problems. You don’t see the world as most people do and that offers you a huge advantage over others.

Curiosity ultimately leads to creativity, which is a great way to overcome adversity. Your brain is capable of generating unique solutions to anything that might go wrong.

overcome adversity

Stone-cold Calmness

Have you ever seen a badass overreacting or breaking down in the face of a challenge? No, never! People like this understand that you’ll only be able to overcome adversity by keeping calm.

Calmness helps thinking straight. Taking a step back and assessing the situation gives badass people a valuable insight on what’s causing the problem.

Losing your cool could sometimes cause losing respect. Which is a complete no-no for a badass.

Over to You

The above-mentioned traits help any badass overcome adversity. If you own them as well, you’re a great person destined for greatness. If not, you should start working towards it.

I’d love to learn how do you guys overcome tough moments in your life. Let me know in the comments section below.

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Alexandra Nicola

COO at Squirrly
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